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Tune your business, to work smarter, not just harder

Threshold’s Profit Acceleration services drive profit growth for high technology companies, by:

  • diagnosing the effectiveness and efficiency of your production, customer-facing and back-office operations
  • providing disciplined guidance about focus for products and services, market segments, and sales channels
  • targeting and developing the right benchmarks to drive profitability and improve cashflow
  • identifying new initiatives to drive faster growth by better using available financial and human resources
We deliver these services using the Threshold Network™, our world-wide network of executives with operational sales and business development experience and established relationships with Fortune™ 500 companies, systems integrators, and technology vendors.

Threshold’s Profit Acceleration services offer key benefits to companies seeking to grow rapidly:

  • Get a bigger "bottom line" with the products and services you sell today
  • Target the most profitable buyers, with the right business development resources
  • Identify and adopt 'best practices' that will increase efficiency and profitability
  • Redeploy financial and human resources to accelerate top and bottom line growth

These services include four distinct components that are offered individually, or as a group, for greatest impact.

  • Product/Service Portfolio Assessment – provides technology companies with a focused strategy for improving product/service profitability, including identifying products/services that are a drag on the bottom line, prioritizing programs to improve profitability for laggards, and options for "pruning" the product/service portolio to focus on growing profitable offers.
  • Market Segment Assessment – provides critical insight into which groups of customers are helping and hurting profitability, enabling appropriate targeting for direct sales and channel partner resources, to better drive revenues and profits.
  • Channel Strategy Assessment – evaluates the right channel approach in all priority market segments and identifies steps to reach "peak" sales performance.
  • Financial Efficiency Assessment – delivers a "check-up" on financial and operational efficiency across your business, by benchmarking within your comapny, and among competitor and analogous companies, to prioritize where sharp management focus can likely generate the greatest improvement in total profitability.

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